In order to produce fine quality wines, with characteristics typical of the microclimate (terroir) of the area of Pylia in Messinia, Tsopelakos family, utilizing their knowledge and experience, successfully combines tradition with modern technology.

All the wines of Tsopelakos Winery are categorized as local wines of Pylia and produced by linear vineyards of the area, having low yields, in order to ensure the highest quality of raw material possible. The soil, the altitude of 70 metres, the gradient, the orientation, the microclimate and the age, compose the uniqueness of the vineyards we choose. The viticulturists (in the prefecture of Messinia) approved by our winery properly apply strict cultivating techniques, providing us with fine quality grapes.

A gifted place, the wine-growing area in which Tsopelakos winery operates, is the ideal environment for an excellent grape production, qualitatively utilized by us with the know-how and experience of 80 years in the viniculture industry.

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