Agioritiko 1027x401 50Perc

Variety: Agiorgitiko 100%

Region: Vineyards in Nemea


The grapes are transported in small boxes, separated from the berries stem scaffold and then driven to the vinificators. First, there is a pre-fermentation Stage- kryoekchylisis (cold extraction) and then follows the fermentation extraction, which lasts for 15 days at 20-25 ° C. The fresh wine is separated by gentle pressure and after malolactic fermentation, stays for a short time in oak barrels. The filling is done and filtered after stabilization.


A wine from the unique grape variety Agiorgitiko .This wine is unique and has the potential of the region and the wider Peloponnesian vineyard. Through deep purple color, aromas of vanilla and ripe fruit, rich flavor and distinctive aftertaste in.

Serving suggestions:

Enjoy it at 16-18 ° C, with red Mediterranean dishes and dark chocolate.

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